Linumø linen is 100% natural and has an incredibly special feeling when you touch it. Maintaining linen beautiful is effortless, it is precious but not delicate fabric. Linen is machine washable, tumble dryable and does not require any ironing!

The more times you wash your linen, the softer it feels! Wash at 30-40°C with small amount of gentle detergent and put similar colors, do not tide.

Shake damp linen out, smooth it with your hands and let it dry (inside or outside). Feel free to tumble dry gently on medium or low temperatures (do not mix with other items, linen is likely to leave int). Remove from the machine when linen is still slightly damp to avoid stiffness. After drying linen feels lovely, wonderfully soft and with lots of character.

Linen is a fabric that wrinkles, crumples and creases because it is natural. You love it or you hate it! There is no need to iron linen, it is beautiful with it’s wrinkles, but if you like it more pressed, formal and glossy use a medium-hot iron while the fabric is still damp. White linen we suggest to iron from both sides, dark linen should be ironed only on the reverse side of the product.

Store linen in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Natural linen needs to breathe, avoid plastic bags (you can use linen bags for that). Make sure your linen is completely dry to avoid mildew. Best way to store your linen is to roll it up instead of folding.